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Editors Preface

The Travels of Blad J. Garamond is an epic memoir in progress.


The author needs no further introduction than the rumors you’ve already heard. Nor does Mme Sans-Serif, to whom his efforts here are dedicated. Embarking on the project and his latest journey, he sent me this note:


I have chosen to tell my story in verse because my life is poetry, and to publish it in serial form because my life is ongoing.


Installments will be irregular and posted in dispatches from around the globe. Their ordering will be altered, or not, by the vagaries of international mail. The text will be fragmentary owing to sharks, rapier thrusts, and revision.


Please publish each installment immediately upon receipt, with a mimimum of prefatory explanation. I trust you as my public trusts me. Their curiosity has reached a fever pitch: I aim to satisfy.



















Copyright © 2013–2020 Austin Allen. All rights reserved. Original illustrations made by Perrin. Background image: Map on Temperance, W. M. Murrell, 1846.



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